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Another vital component for performance engines is an efficient intake system, designed to supply as much cold incoming air to the engine as possible. An induction system equates to a significant power gain and is well worth the investment.

Intake Systems5

  • Blow off valve relocation
  • Custom inlets or manifolds
  • Velocity stacks
  • ITB’s
  • Intercooler piping fabrication

At Zury’s we specialize in Stainless Steel and Aluminum welding. If you are looking for a custom built and polished exhaust and air intake system, we are the shop that can turn your ideas into reality. We can reproduce your original exhaust or intake system or provide you with a custom long lasting stainless steel system.

Is the noise from your engine’s exhaust or air intake system too much? We can help you out, with our custom silencers and exhaust cans that can reduce your engine noise far below OEM provided equipment.

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