Custom Turbo Piping

Turbo Piping

An intercooler is an air-to-air radiator that cools the charged air from the turbo before it enters the engine. Various front-mount units are available from aftermarket manufacturers. These can be found in kits with vehicle-specific piping, as well as without piping. Purchasing an intercooler unit by itself and having the piping custom fabricated by a performance shop can be much cheaper than buying a full kit.

This is a mechanism that attaches to the upper intercooler piping and releases excess charged air when the throttle is lifted. Some intercooler piping kits come with a blow-off valve. Alternatively, many aftermarket manufacturers offer universal blow-off valve units.

All our intercooler piping is made complete from turbo to throttle body, our custom piping is hand made and we use the best materials, high quality stainless steel mandrel bends all piping is tig welded with a state of the art fronius tig welder we sell quality that’s the difference between cheap piping and our piping.

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