Custom Marine Fabrication

Custom Marine Fabrication

At Zury’s Fabrication. We stand behind our products as the best in the business. We think you’ll agree, you’ll find our custom solutions are built to last, with every product uniquely designed to fit your need and budget.

Fishing Rod Holders17

  • Keep Your Lines From Getting Tangled
  • Designed To Hold The Rod By Itself
  • Protect Your Fishing Rod

The adjustable stainless steel reel hangers securely store trolling reels on ceiling or gunnel and fit most popular trolling reels with hangers that are easy to adjust to accommodate a wide range of reel sizes.

Zury Fabrication’s uses the highest quality materials and techniques to ensure your fishing rod holder will hold up in rough conditions.

Fishing rod holders are used as storage compartments and this prevents fishing lines from getting tangled unnecessarily. You now have a place to store your fishing rod which makes it easier keep your boat clear of any tangled lines and stray rods that people might end up trampling.

Rod holders come in a variety of sizes and builds, some rod holders are not only designed to hold the rod without human support but to also assist in the catch itself. Some rod holders can be held at a certain angle that can catch the fish and hold it with enough time for the fishermen to reel it in, even if he is busy with something else.

One of the biggest benefits of any fishing rod holder is that it keeps your fishing rod locked in place which means that you do not run the risk of losing what could be very expensive and very important asset for your hobby. Without a fish rod holder, the chances of you losing your fishing rod increases because even the smallest fish can pull the device into the water without much effort.

Custom Rails

Form. Simplicity. Function. Railings represent all of this and more to Zury Fabrications. Resilient, durable products are common to all of Zury Fabrications services. And railings are no exception.

Railings are custom fabricated by Zury Fabrication’s. They consist of 303 stainless steel and aluminum. Its your assurance of long-lasting durability and quality. Our railings have been fabricated equally for interior and exterior use.

Aesthetically sleek and stylish, Zury Fabrications railings are ideal for custom swim applications, fly bridges, trim on bars, ladder hand rails and much more.

Do you have a railing concept or drawing you want to see fabricated? Zury Fabrications can help. We can also repair, revamp or modify any railing you already have.

Benefits of Our Services

  • We work on any vehicle with an exhaust. Imports, muscle cars, classics, go-karts, motorcycles, anything!
  • No project is out of the question. We have worked on everything from generators to cast-iron fences.
  • We use all stainless steel/aluminum for guaranteed longevity and durability.
  • We use Mandrel bending for improved exhaust flow as well as pie-cutting for tight angles.

Our Guarantee

When Zury Fabrications was started, there was just one humble goal. Zury wants to rise above the competition by providing high quality service in a fun and inviting environment. Every member of staff is constantly learning new material, and maintaining a clean work environment that is safe for employees and clients alike is a vital task that is handled repeatedly throughout the day.

We guarantee that you will be pleased with the quality of your product. From the moment you come in for a free consultation and estimate, to when the final product is turned over to you, our dedication to quality and transparency will leave you feeling secure and pleased with the service.

Whether your needs are for cars, exhaust repair, marine, motorcycle, or custom metal fabrication, Zury Fabrications can get the job done! Our professional staff at Zury Fabrications is trained to handle a variety of metal/fabrication services for all industries.


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